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Realize the benefits of Azure Stack NOW! Order Dell EMC Cloud for Microsoft Azure Stack Today!

Order Dell EMC Cloud for Microsoft Azure Stack Today!

George O'Toole

Senior Advisor Product Marketing, Dell EMC
Senior Advisor Product Marketing, Dell EMC

Back in May, Dell EMC announced Dell EMC Cloud for Microsoft Azure Stack, a new, turnkey, hybrid cloud platform that offers a simple and fast path for implementing and sustaining a hybrid cloud based on Microsoft Azure Stack. The new platform helps organizations standardizing on the Microsoft Azure ecosystem to accelerate their digital transformation with automated IT service delivery for traditional and cloud-native applications.

As a result, organizations can better engage with their customers, reduce time to market for new services, and free-up resources to focus on adding business value.

Why Dell EMC for Microsoft Azure Stack?

The new Dell EMC Cloud for Microsoft Azure Stack brings Dell EMC’s leadership in worldwide cloud infrastructure with its long history of partnering with Microsoft, which includes shipping the industry’s first Microsoft-based hybrid cloud all the way back in October 2015. Plus, we’re pretty good at this cloud thing – according to IDC, Dell EMC was No. 1 in the worldwide cloud infrastructure market for 2016 with $5.7 billion in revenue and 17.6% market share.

Interoperability between public and private cloud resources has quickly become not just a “nice to have” but actually is a top requirement for many organizations’ IT infrastructures. The turnkey Dell EMC Cloud for Microsoft Azure Stack delivers a consistent experience across Azure – whether it’s Azure public cloud or your own on-premises Azure Stack.

We’ve engineered our Cloud for Microsoft Azure Stack with our industry leading Dell EMC PowerEdge servers and Dell EMC Networking and to deliver a hybrid cloud platform that is built, sustained and supported as one.

And it doesn’t stop there, as we’ll offer cool Dell EMC IP add-on options for backup, encryption and more!

What Can You Do Today?

Since Azure Stack isn’t readily available yet, how can you take advantage of Dell EMC Cloud for Azure Stack today? Well, there are a couple ways.

You can start with our single node Developer Edition (for test and development) RIGHT NOW. Begin your Azure Stack journey with a small capital outlay and continue to use Dell EMC Azure Stack single node systems for test and development into the future. Plus, customers can easily update to the GA code once Microsoft releases Azure Stack so you won’t be starting from scratch.

But wait – that’s not all! Earlier this year, we began partnering with Microsoft on offering a select group of customers worldwide to be part of our Early Adopter Program. Based on the response we’ve received, we’ve decided to extend the ability to order to additional customers via our Dell EMC Early Order Program for Microsoft Azure Stack (multi-node). These customers will be perfectly positioned to expand and accelerate their Azure cloud environments as quickly as possible post-GA.

Ok that sounds cool but why should customers and partners jump on the bandwagon right now? First, to get a step up on the competition by being among the first to go operational with Azure Stack. Secondly, Dell EMC will ensure that your single or multi-node Azure Stack platform will be ready to go, validated and tested, when Azure Stack is generally available.

Why is this important?

We’re tightly integrated with Microsoft to ensure we test every software, firmware, and drive with the latest code from Microsoft before it ships. This avoids any last minute hiccups to the infrastructure on-site and potential risk of updating something that is either untested or done incorrectly. With all the pre-engineering done in our factory and minimal time on-site, your hardware warranty starts close to when your system is operational and avoids any disruptions to the deployment process and enables us to spend as little time on-site and hand over the keys to you ASAP (matter of days).

Ready to get started? The Dell EMC Cloud for Microsoft Azure Stack is orderable now. Contact your Dell EMC Rep today!

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What is Analytic Insights Module?

Paula Swanson

Consultant Marketing Manager at Dell EMC
Consultant Marketing Manager in Dell EMC's Converged Platforms and Solutions Division with more than 20 years experience in the software and storage industry spanning marketing and account management. Prior to joining Dell EMC in March 2006, held product marketing positions at Maxtor and Quantum. Also an avid equestrian who’s constantly honing her skills.

applicationsApplications are reshaping how businesses engage and interact with their customers, with the goal of enhancing their experience amid competition. Insights provided through data analytics can take customer experiences to a whole new level.

That’s why today Dell EMC is announcing Analytic Insights Module.  It combines data analytics and application development into a single  cloud platform.   Put simply, Analytic Insights Module is all about providing data analytics teams a self-service analytics experience within a hybrid cloud platform that allows them to collaborate with developers to build intelligent apps.  This combination is a real game changer.


Data Analytics is a Team Sport

Transforming data into actionable insights is a team effort requiring a strong partnership between both business and IT visionaries. Analytic Insights Module helps to bring together business executives, data analysts, application developers and IT teams – providing each with the insights, data sources, tools and controls they need to be successful.

Gather Data with Deep Awareness

Data analytics teams want to analyze all types of data– structured, unstructured, streaming, as well as public data sources external to the business. And of course data is never in only one place, it’s all over – within data marts, databases,  data lakes, the web, sensors – it’s hard to name a place where data doesn’t exist.  Ok, there’s still some, but you get the point.   Analytic Insights Module allows data to be gathered with deep awareness and governance in the fastest time possible through our unique Data Curator, Data and Analytics Catalog and Data Governor.

data-curatorOur Data Curator builds on the value of the integrated Data Lake (Dell EMC Isilon & Dell EMC ECS) by providing a single view of your discovered, ingested and curated data both within the Data Lake and selected external sources. The Data and Analytics Catalog provides this one view of all your data, helping eliminate data silos and one-off analytics. The Data Curator allows data analysts to access a wide range of data through powerful data discovery and indexing capabilities, which profile, identify, enrich and unify data across the enterprise, freeing them to be completely focused on delivering value to the business. This speeds the time to access the right data, by supporting the ability to reuse trusted data.

data-governorOur Data Governor provides data analytics teams visibility into data lineage – what data was moved, to where, when and by whom. This builds trust and supports the reuse of data across the organization.  Keeping data secure is a top concern for analytics initiatives and why our Data Governor is designed to provide fine-grained access policies that are applied to all users, all applications and across multiple data stores.  We like to call it “data-centric” because it can be configured as precise as needed – at the file, table, column, row, cell, and even partial cell level, and regardless of data format or storage type. It even offers context aware policies such as – use session, data, and user attributes.  This ensures no one has access to data they should not.

Analyze With Self-Service

Let’s face it, today no one wants to wait if they don’t have to, and data analytics teams are no different. Their main focus is revealing actionable insights for the business, so it’s important that they can get to work quickly.  Analytic Insights Module delivers a self-service experience for data analysts, allowing them to standup their own Workspace in minutes.  IT teams are no longer bottlenecks, but instead the enablers of productivity, who provide the self-service access data analysts want – all within corporate governance by applying policies and resource quotas to the  environment.   This is a win-win for everyone – control and autonomy all in one package!

analyze-self-serviceWorkspaces are the central component of the self-service capability for data analytics teams to access and analyze data. They can be customized based on user needs, and are private, personal spaces for the individual data analyst. Standing up a small or medium takes mere minutes, and a large Hadoop cluster takes a couple of hours – eliminating the days it can take using traditional methods. Each Workspace provides secure access to the data, an open platform to use analysis tools of choice, and compute to analyze the data. Users can create and modify Workspaces as required and they can even add others for collaborating. When they’re done, the Workspace can be deleted and all the resources are returned to the pool – easy, seamless, and fast.

Act to Operationalize Insights and Deliver Business Value Faster

develope-data-driven-appsDelivered on Native Hybrid Cloud, a turnkey platform based on Pivotal Cloud Foundry, Analytic Insights Module allows organizations to rapidly transform data into actionable insights for building intelligent apps with high business value.   It’s easy for data analytics teams to share data and analytics services with app developers for collaborating on building intelligent, data-driven apps to enhance customer experiences, to streamline business processes and even to create disruptive business models.   For developers, they can focus on writing their code, quickly building, modifying, deploying and scaling their applications through a self-service environment, while the normal manual intervention required by IT Operations is eliminated through infrastructure abstraction and automation.

Building intelligent applications delivers huge business value, but it doesn’t stop there. Data-driven apps generate more data as customers use and interact with them; data which can be integrated back into the analytics process to enrich intelligent apps and provide even greater insights.  Analytic Insights Module is designed to support this virtuous cycle and the faster businesses can move through it, the greater their competitive advantage.

A Winning Combination

aim-3We’ve made it easy to build a comprehensive business strategy that includes data analytics and cloud-native app development. Combined into a single cloud platform with Dell EMC Services for every step of your journey, Analytic Insights Module is your fastest path for modern digital transformation. With on-going release cycles for new features and single contact support, we can help reduce your operational risk and provide you the fastest path to digital transformation.   Watch our demos videos now to learn more about Analytic Insights Module and how it can help your organization.

The Gift Of Simplicity! IT Managers in the Digital Era

IT Managers in the Digital Era

Berna Devrim

Senior Director, Global Solutions Marketing at EMC at EMC
With more than 20 years of marketing, research and development, market entry, routes to market and technology experience, Berna Devrim currently leads EMC Global Solutions marketing.



How is being an IT manager like being the head of a household during the holiday season? First of all, there’s a lot to get done in a very short amount of time. If you can relate, these questions might sound familiar to you:


What’s on everyone’s wish list?

How can I get all these things checked off and stay within my budget?

How many places do I need to go to get everything I need?

Is everyone happy with what they got or do we need to make some exchanges after the fact?




Prior to entering the digital era we’re living in today, these tasks were much harder to accomplish. People found themselves running from store to store with scattered lists of items to grab, waiting in long lines and losing track of how much money has been spent. Today, online shopping and price comparison web apps have brought simplicity to the holiday insanity we all love so much (thank goodness).


Nowadays, people are checking off wish lists with a few clicks of a button. Just log online, sort through some catalogs and toss desired items into a shopping cart with a full price breakdown. You can even use apps and barcode scanners to find out the cheapest place to buy an item. Goodbye mayhem! You just freed up hours of time to focus on the rest of your holiday planning.


Now, let’s take that same concept and apply it to the IT manager’s role. IT requests are coming in left and right from business units and departments. New apps and services need to be deployed to satisfy everyone but there is limited time and resources. To meet demanding deadlines the IT team needs to achieve new efficiencies when it comes to delivering applications and IT services. Business as usual just isn’t an option anymore.


If IT teams want to drive more business value and build enhanced customer experiences in today’s digital world, they need to redefine their business models. Organizations must adopt new processes for delivering IT services with greater speed and agility while simultaneously driving down costs. Traditional IT methods just won’t keep up, period. Organizations have struggled to bring together the security, compliance and reliability of private cloud with the simplicity, flexibility and easy access public clouds offer, while maintaining control and visibility. But once again, new technology saves the day- this time in the form of the Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud.

The fully engineered solution provides IT admins, developers and business analysts alike access to a self-service catalog for automating enterprise applications and IT resource deployments on-demand. Add new applications and services in a few clicks with full transparency into the environment’s health as well as full cost breakdowns.

EMC’s Federation has brought together best-of-breed technology to simplify and drastically accelerate IT requests and tasks through automation and a self-service catalog. Processes that previously took weeks or months to complete are being deployed in a matter of minutes allowing IT staff to invest more time into innovation and driving the business forward.


Bottom line…


In today’s digital world, a unified, seamless approach to IT service delivery is a fundamental aspect of an organizations ongoing operational success. With new levels of automation, self-service and visibility into every aspect of the infrastructure, IT managers can proceed into the future with confidence. Now, if only EMC could provide the same gift of simplicity to the rest of the holiday planning this year!




To see our solution in action, visit our demo site here. Or, learn more on our webpage and follow @emccloud on Twitter.






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