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Realize the benefits of Azure Stack NOW! Order Dell EMC Cloud for Microsoft Azure Stack Today!

Order Dell EMC Cloud for Microsoft Azure Stack Today!

George O'Toole

Senior Advisor Product Marketing, Dell EMC
Senior Advisor Product Marketing, Dell EMC

Back in May, Dell EMC announced Dell EMC Cloud for Microsoft Azure Stack, a new, turnkey, hybrid cloud platform that offers a simple and fast path for implementing and sustaining a hybrid cloud based on Microsoft Azure Stack. The new platform helps organizations standardizing on the Microsoft Azure ecosystem to accelerate their digital transformation with automated IT service delivery for traditional and cloud-native applications.

As a result, organizations can better engage with their customers, reduce time to market for new services, and free-up resources to focus on adding business value.

Why Dell EMC for Microsoft Azure Stack?

The new Dell EMC Cloud for Microsoft Azure Stack brings Dell EMC’s leadership in worldwide cloud infrastructure with its long history of partnering with Microsoft, which includes shipping the industry’s first Microsoft-based hybrid cloud all the way back in October 2015. Plus, we’re pretty good at this cloud thing – according to IDC, Dell EMC was No. 1 in the worldwide cloud infrastructure market for 2016 with $5.7 billion in revenue and 17.6% market share.

Interoperability between public and private cloud resources has quickly become not just a “nice to have” but actually is a top requirement for many organizations’ IT infrastructures. The turnkey Dell EMC Cloud for Microsoft Azure Stack delivers a consistent experience across Azure – whether it’s Azure public cloud or your own on-premises Azure Stack.

We’ve engineered our Cloud for Microsoft Azure Stack with our industry leading Dell EMC PowerEdge servers and Dell EMC Networking and to deliver a hybrid cloud platform that is built, sustained and supported as one.

And it doesn’t stop there, as we’ll offer cool Dell EMC IP add-on options for backup, encryption and more!

What Can You Do Today?

Since Azure Stack isn’t readily available yet, how can you take advantage of Dell EMC Cloud for Azure Stack today? Well, there are a couple ways.

You can start with our single node Developer Edition (for test and development) RIGHT NOW. Begin your Azure Stack journey with a small capital outlay and continue to use Dell EMC Azure Stack single node systems for test and development into the future. Plus, customers can easily update to the GA code once Microsoft releases Azure Stack so you won’t be starting from scratch.

But wait – that’s not all! Earlier this year, we began partnering with Microsoft on offering a select group of customers worldwide to be part of our Early Adopter Program. Based on the response we’ve received, we’ve decided to extend the ability to order to additional customers via our Dell EMC Early Order Program for Microsoft Azure Stack (multi-node). These customers will be perfectly positioned to expand and accelerate their Azure cloud environments as quickly as possible post-GA.

Ok that sounds cool but why should customers and partners jump on the bandwagon right now? First, to get a step up on the competition by being among the first to go operational with Azure Stack. Secondly, Dell EMC will ensure that your single or multi-node Azure Stack platform will be ready to go, validated and tested, when Azure Stack is generally available.

Why is this important?

We’re tightly integrated with Microsoft to ensure we test every software, firmware, and drive with the latest code from Microsoft before it ships. This avoids any last minute hiccups to the infrastructure on-site and potential risk of updating something that is either untested or done incorrectly. With all the pre-engineering done in our factory and minimal time on-site, your hardware warranty starts close to when your system is operational and avoids any disruptions to the deployment process and enables us to spend as little time on-site and hand over the keys to you ASAP (matter of days).

Ready to get started? The Dell EMC Cloud for Microsoft Azure Stack is orderable now. Contact your Dell EMC Rep today!

Want to learn more? Visit

Dell EMC’s Dynamic Duo! What can you learn at Puppet Conf 2016?

What can you learn at Puppet Conf 2016?

Cynthia O'Brien

Cloud Solutions at EMC

Two leading platforms are combing forces; Dell EMC’s Enterprise Hybrid Cloud and Puppet Enterprise. What do these two companies have in common? They are both dedicated to simplifying IT processes and removing the hurdles that IT departments face on a daily basis allowing for rapid innovation and development. This common interest and complimentary platforms has sparked a genius partnership.


Let’s start with Enterprise Hybrid Cloud. This fully engineered platform combines the control, reliability and confidence of private cloud with the simplicity, flexibility and cost efficiency of public clouds to transform delivery of IT services. Consumers are empowered with self-service access to traditional enterprise applications and IT services via a self-service catalog.  They can simply select the resources they need with their service levels of choice all on-demand. Essentially, resources are at the IT staffs’ fingertips on an as-needed basis.


Puppet Enterprise is the leading platform for automatically delivering, operating and securing your infrastructure, applications and services – no matter where they run. It’s a proven configuration management tool, that helps customers to keep the configuration consistent and eliminate “drifts”. With Puppet you know exactly what is going on with all your infrastructure and software. And you get the automation needed to drive change with confidence and report on compliance.


If this doesn’t sound like a match made in heaven, we don’t know what does! We know that our Enterprise Hybrid Cloud customers already love this match. These two platforms working in tandem create consistency across the environment as well as remove tedious, error-prone tasks. When a new project is initiated IT staff can now hit the ground running. Management of compute, storage and network resources are streamlined and workloads can be scaled efficiently across heterogeneous environments, as well as various flavors of public clouds and DELL EMC private cloud environments.


Let’s see how it works…


Dell EMC will be attending Puppet Conf in San Diego this October to teach individuals how to leverage Puppet with our solutions in order to:

  • unify physical, virtual and cloud environments
  • make rapid, repeatable changes and automatically enforce the consistency of hybrid clouds
  • use best-in-class provisioning and managing virtualized and cloud environments
  • automate complex application deployments within Enterprise Hybrid Cloud using predefined and supported Puppet Forge modules
  • leverage automation for speed & agility
  • experience enterprise reliability


If you are at Puppet Conference, stop by our booth. We would love to hear from you. For more information on the event, view our community network site, or follow us at @DellEMCcloud!



A Strategic Partner for the Journey to ITaaS The VP of IT's Roadmap to the Hybrid Cloud!

The VP of IT's Roadmap to the Hybrid Cloud!

Berna Devrim

Senior Director, Global Solutions Marketing at EMC at EMC
With more than 20 years of marketing, research and development, market entry, routes to market and technology experience, Berna Devrim currently leads EMC Global Solutions marketing.

You’ve probably heard the expression “disrupt or be disrupted” a few times as we enter today’s digital era that got everyone talking about ITaaS models. There’s no question that technology is reshaping the way people live their lives. Today’s generation is bored by anything traditional. Think about it, did you ever think you’d live to see the day where infants are playing with toys that could be potentially smarter than they are? App developers have created “Smart Toys” that listen, learn and adapt to a child’s personality. Apparently a sandbox and shovel just wont cut it anymore!


What exactly does that mean for businesses? It means the “status quo” is going to be a thing of the past. If a company isn’t putting out hip, savvy ideas they will be simply overlooked and forgotten. But coming up with new ideas is only half the battle. A company needs to be able to properly execute to maintain a competitive edge.

This all routes back down to the foundation platform that the IT department is relying on. Slow, siloed IT organizations are a roadblock when it comes to pushing out new apps and services. IT queues are the old world, on-demand self-service is the here and now. Companies need an ITaaS model where new resources can be deployed instantaneously through a self-service portal, as well as the ability for modifications to be made after deployment.

If the answer is obvious, why are some companies not there yet? The responsibility for implementing an ITaaS model lies in the hands of the VP of IT. However, bringing together security, compliance and reliability of the private cloud with the simplicity, flexibility and easy access of public clouds can be daunting. Not to mention IT transformations have significant ramifications, which is why execution is a delicate dance.

This having been said, it’s not impossible to achieve. In fact, EMC’s Federation invested thousands of engineering hours – designing, testing and integrating our a proven solution so that your engineers don’t have to. The VP of IT can proceed with an IT transformation with confidence knowing they have an experienced provider to guide them each step of the way.

You may be wondering, “how exactly will the Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud accelerate development and innovation for my company?” There are a few ways, actually.

Previously time consuming, manual tasks have been automated and resources can be instantly deployed via the self-service catalog. Resources can be rapidly scaled up or down depending on demand. The IT team can now react quickly to industry changes and push out new services thanks to workflows and prewritten application blueprints.

Typically when one thinks of improved performance, they associate this with costly investments. Contrary to what would be expected, the solution actually lowers TCO. Financial transparency into the solution lets users align workloads to the right cloud to meet objectives and pinpoint areas where costs can be cut. These costs savings give the IT team the ability to reallocate the budget to invest further in innovation and digital business initiatives.


CIO’s have made it a priority to digitize and personalize customer experiences and the VP of IT is responsible for implementing the right technology platforms.  With the immense pressure to quickly transform to a self-service consumption model with a limited budget leaves next to no room for error, hence why finding a strategic partner is so important. Each day thousands of apps are pushed out, making it harder to keep up with the pace of change. It appears as though there are two paths to travel down. The stagnant, old ‘wait in a queue’ for services way, or the new agile, on-demand self-service, ITaaS model!


To see our solution in action, visit our demo site here. Or, learn more on our webpage and follow @emccloud on Twitter.





Test Drive the Cloud Experience Center! Experience The Broad Capabilities of Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud

Experience The Broad Capabilities of Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud

James Walkenhorst

Technical Marketing Manager at EMC

hybridcloudEach new release of the Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud comes with an accompanying set of solution collateral – white papers, solution guides, and reference architecture guides – to provide a deep dive into the features, mechanics, and componentry of the solution.

This latest release of the Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud solution also includes the Cloud Experience Center, an interactive-demo portal that shows you firsthand how a cloud environment works – how it looks, what it does, how it directly impacts business agility and IT value.


What Is the Cloud Experience Center?

We designed and built the Cloud Experience Center to serve as a companion to the solution collateral. White papers and solution guides tell you how a cloud works. The Cloud Experience Center shows you.

cloudexperience With its fully realistic interface and broad selection of interactive demos, the Cloud Experience Center is a high-value, high-touch tool, making it easy and quick for cloud users to test drive the Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud.

And to enhance the experience even further, we added some bells and whistles to the portal to make it even more valuable.



We’ve specifically built it to bring the solution guides to life – to show you firsthand how it works, so you can experience it for yourself. You’ll see an interactive demo portal that works anywhere, on anything.

  • You can access and run it online from any platform – Windows, Mac, iOS, Android
  • You can download and run it offline

You can save the entire demo library to a thumb drive for easy distribution and sharing


Whatever terrain you want to explore – Infrastructure-as-a-Service, application and database management, data protection – there are fully interactive demos that will let you experience any or all of it. We’ve made it easy for you to take the wheel!

And to provide more perspective to the breadth of uses, experiences, and value that cloud can provide, the Cloud Experience Center has been set up using a menu-based portal, with use cases built around three distinct user profiles:

  • Cloud Administrator
  • Business Analyst
  • Developer

hybridcloudEach of these user profiles comes complete with its own unique, customized Service Catalog, an Items page for viewing and managing that user’s provisioned workloads (VMs and applications), a Requests page for tracking current and past cloud service and workload request submissions, and a specific set of demos for that profile.

Taken together, these profiles and demos give you a driver’s-seat view of what’s possible with the Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud.

If it’s your preference to read some of the tech docs before you test drive, you can check them out here. However, if you want to jump right in, we’ve got an impressive (and ever-growing) library of hands-on demos, the Cloud Experience Center lets you experience broader capabilities than a vLab session can support, such as:


·       Database-as-a-Service

·       Remote workload provisioning to vCloud Air

·       Converged infrastructure management

·       Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service

·       CloudLink VM Encryption

·       Application Security and Load Balancing with NSX

·       Third-party integration solutions, such as ServiceNow

No Registration Required

The Cloud Experience Center is open to literally anybody – NO registration required, period! Whether you’re an existing customer or evaluating EMC solutions and products for the first time, you can connect directly to the Cloud Experience Center’s landing page and take it for a spin.


Getting Started with Your Demo

hybridcloudGetting started is easy! The clickable demos in the Cloud Experience Center are all set up to run in any of three modes, which can be toggled on and off from either the main menu or the use-case menu:

  • Auto-Drive with Virtual SE
  • Self-Drive with Virtual SE
  • Self-Drive without Virtual SE


The first of these options is essentially a click-through demo. Click the demo you want to see, and you’ll automatically advance through all the steps of the use case while the virtual SE explains the context and purpose of each step. All you have to do is click.


In the second mode, the virtual SE continues to explain the action, but you’ll actually need to click on the appropriate button, tab, or field to advance, with the virtual SE guiding you through the steps.

Finally, turning off both the Auto Drive and the Virtual SE means you’re experiencing the Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud just as you would in an actual self-service portal.


Simple Point-and Click Navigation Options Let You Choose Where to Go

Our goal was to make the Cloud Experience Center easy to navigate, and to get you to the content you’re looking for quickly. We included simple navigation hints to help guide you:

  • A MENU button at the midpoint of the left edge of the screen, which brings you right back to the demo menu.
  • Use the MENU button at any point during any demo to toggle the virtual SE and Auto-Drive modes on or off, and then you’ll be returned back to your demo right where you left it by closing the Menu window.
  • The download link and a feedback link are in the lower-left corner of the screen. The Download link will let you pull down the entire Cloud Experience Center, in the form of a .zip file, which you can then save to a thumb drive for offline access.

The Feedback link is for us: if you see something that isn’t working, or isn’t accurate, or is out of date, use that link to let us know. Your feedback is always welcome! And check back often: we’ll update the Cloud Experience Center with new use cases – as quickly as we’re able to produce them.


Click HERE to start your test drive now!


The Gift Of Simplicity! IT Managers in the Digital Era

IT Managers in the Digital Era

Berna Devrim

Senior Director, Global Solutions Marketing at EMC at EMC
With more than 20 years of marketing, research and development, market entry, routes to market and technology experience, Berna Devrim currently leads EMC Global Solutions marketing.



How is being an IT manager like being the head of a household during the holiday season? First of all, there’s a lot to get done in a very short amount of time. If you can relate, these questions might sound familiar to you:


What’s on everyone’s wish list?

How can I get all these things checked off and stay within my budget?

How many places do I need to go to get everything I need?

Is everyone happy with what they got or do we need to make some exchanges after the fact?




Prior to entering the digital era we’re living in today, these tasks were much harder to accomplish. People found themselves running from store to store with scattered lists of items to grab, waiting in long lines and losing track of how much money has been spent. Today, online shopping and price comparison web apps have brought simplicity to the holiday insanity we all love so much (thank goodness).


Nowadays, people are checking off wish lists with a few clicks of a button. Just log online, sort through some catalogs and toss desired items into a shopping cart with a full price breakdown. You can even use apps and barcode scanners to find out the cheapest place to buy an item. Goodbye mayhem! You just freed up hours of time to focus on the rest of your holiday planning.


Now, let’s take that same concept and apply it to the IT manager’s role. IT requests are coming in left and right from business units and departments. New apps and services need to be deployed to satisfy everyone but there is limited time and resources. To meet demanding deadlines the IT team needs to achieve new efficiencies when it comes to delivering applications and IT services. Business as usual just isn’t an option anymore.


If IT teams want to drive more business value and build enhanced customer experiences in today’s digital world, they need to redefine their business models. Organizations must adopt new processes for delivering IT services with greater speed and agility while simultaneously driving down costs. Traditional IT methods just won’t keep up, period. Organizations have struggled to bring together the security, compliance and reliability of private cloud with the simplicity, flexibility and easy access public clouds offer, while maintaining control and visibility. But once again, new technology saves the day- this time in the form of the Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud.

The fully engineered solution provides IT admins, developers and business analysts alike access to a self-service catalog for automating enterprise applications and IT resource deployments on-demand. Add new applications and services in a few clicks with full transparency into the environment’s health as well as full cost breakdowns.

EMC’s Federation has brought together best-of-breed technology to simplify and drastically accelerate IT requests and tasks through automation and a self-service catalog. Processes that previously took weeks or months to complete are being deployed in a matter of minutes allowing IT staff to invest more time into innovation and driving the business forward.


Bottom line…


In today’s digital world, a unified, seamless approach to IT service delivery is a fundamental aspect of an organizations ongoing operational success. With new levels of automation, self-service and visibility into every aspect of the infrastructure, IT managers can proceed into the future with confidence. Now, if only EMC could provide the same gift of simplicity to the rest of the holiday planning this year!




To see our solution in action, visit our demo site here. Or, learn more on our webpage and follow @emccloud on Twitter.






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