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Dell EMC’s Dynamic Duo! What can you learn at Puppet Conf 2016?

What can you learn at Puppet Conf 2016?

Two leading platforms are combing forces; Dell EMC’s Enterprise Hybrid Cloud and Puppet Enterprise. What do these two companies have in common? They are both dedicated to simplifying IT processes and removing the hurdles that IT departments face on a daily basis allowing for rapid innovation and development. This common interest and complimentary platforms has sparked a genius partnership.


Let’s start with Enterprise Hybrid Cloud. This fully engineered platform combines the control, reliability and confidence of private cloud with the simplicity, flexibility and cost efficiency of public clouds to transform delivery of IT services. Consumers are empowered with self-service access to traditional enterprise applications and IT services via a self-service catalog.  They can simply select the resources they need with their service levels of choice all on-demand. Essentially, resources are at the IT staffs’ fingertips on an as-needed basis.


Puppet Enterprise is the leading platform for automatically delivering, operating and securing your infrastructure, applications and services – no matter where they run. It’s a proven configuration management tool, that helps customers to keep the configuration consistent and eliminate “drifts”. With Puppet you know exactly what is going on with all your infrastructure and software. And you get the automation needed to drive change with confidence and report on compliance.


If this doesn’t sound like a match made in heaven, we don’t know what does! We know that our Enterprise Hybrid Cloud customers already love this match. These two platforms working in tandem create consistency across the environment as well as remove tedious, error-prone tasks. When a new project is initiated IT staff can now hit the ground running. Management of compute, storage and network resources are streamlined and workloads can be scaled efficiently across heterogeneous environments, as well as various flavors of public clouds and DELL EMC private cloud environments.


Let’s see how it works…


Dell EMC will be attending Puppet Conf in San Diego this October to teach individuals how to leverage Puppet with our solutions in order to:

  • unify physical, virtual and cloud environments
  • make rapid, repeatable changes and automatically enforce the consistency of hybrid clouds
  • use best-in-class provisioning and managing virtualized and cloud environments
  • automate complex application deployments within Enterprise Hybrid Cloud using predefined and supported Puppet Forge modules
  • leverage automation for speed & agility
  • experience enterprise reliability


If you are at Puppet Conference, stop by our booth. We would love to hear from you. For more information on the event, view our community network site, or follow us at @DellEMCcloud!



Do More With Less With Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Introducing the latest Enterprise Hybrid Cloud versions

Introducing the latest Enterprise Hybrid Cloud versions

In today’s digital era innovation never ceases. Customers expect frequent improvements and application iterations on a daily basis.  We hold our developers to the same standards, which is why we are announcing the latest release of our Enterprise Hybrid Cloud today.

The hybrid cloud platform was designed to allow customers to focus on driving business value thanks to automated infrastructure services, workflows and application blueprints. To put today’s announcements into perspective, place yourself in the shoes of a hypothetical IT manager named John working for a national athletic club. Your IT team is developing a new application with class schedules, calorie expenditure trackers, payment portals, and more to differentiate the brand from competition.  The company started with several local gyms and grown to an Enterprise company with tens of thousands of customers with multiple data centers across the country.

 hybrid cloud

How will upgrading to the latest version of the Enterprise Hybrid Cloud  help?


  • Enterprise Hybrid Cloud has increased data center support by 2X


We learned a 2 site strategy was only the beginning of our customers’ hybrid cloud journey, so we’re doubling the data center support of Enterprise Hybrid Cloud.

With the gradual growth of John’s fitness company, several data centers popped up in various states to support expansion. Now, he can bring IT operations for up to 4 sites under one roof and centrally manage the hybrid cloud platform via a single self-service portal. He can transition even more applications into a hybrid cloud consumption model further unifying the company’s IT strategy.


multisite virtual machine


  • Change Data Protection Policies at any time


Application workload requirements rarely stay constant, nor does each workload call for the same policies. Now, existing backup policies can now be adjusted across multiple sites at any time throughout the lifecycle of a workload – making it easy to adjust service levels as workload requirements change.

  • Granular Protection with RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines

The latest release also provides support for RecoverPoint for Virtual Machine protection. This gives users the ability to protect individual workloads from a disaster and roll back to any point in time for either a single Virtual Machine or a consistency group or site thanks to improved granularity and continuous replication. Topology options also allow him to replicate workloads from one vCenter to another.


Recoverpoint for Virtual Machines

  • Enhanced virtual machine encryption services


In the previous release, John could encrypt data within a virtual machine at provisioning time. With the latest release, he benefits from “day 2 operations” for encryption services with the ability to add or remove encryption for Virtual Machines on-demand.  John now checks the workload’s encryption status directly from the cloud self-service portal.

The integration with CloudLink SecureVM has been also improved with the new vCenter Orchestrator plugin and workflows, so the same Virtual Machine templates for encrypted and non-encrypted workloads can be reused.

At the end of the day, upgrading the Enterprise Hybrid Cloud gives end users direct access to the IT resources they need without delay. With a, streamlined IT operations process John no longer needs to spend time picking up tasks from a queue and pertaining to them manually in multiple management interfaces.  Simplicity has been taken to a new level.

What’s next for Enterprise Hybrid Cloud?

For new customers, a new version will be generally available later this year providing support for VMware’s vRealize Automation 7’s new user interface. This single unified canvas gives users more of what they already love, plus great new features that will radically streamline your entire implementation strategy reducing the time it takes to get things up and running. IT Admins and App Admins both benefit from improved operational efficiency.


virtual machines

Business demands change on a regular basis and in today’s competitive IT environment, time is money. EMC Global Services accelerates time to value for Enterprise Hybrid Cloud with a comprehensive portfolio of services to speed adoption including newly enhanced Implementation Services. Operating model services help customers define and build the roles and processes to evolve from a technology-siloed IT organization to a services-oriented operating model.

Optimizing existing infrastructure and processes reduces costs and accelerates IT service delivery without sacrificing reliability. Time and money can be reallocated towards the next big thing, like John’s fitness application that will set his company apart from the rest!

To learn more, visit our Enterprise Hybrid Cloud resources:



Deploying the Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Fast Was Only The Beginning… What's new with the Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud?

What's new with the Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud?


hybrid cloud 28     What sets our fully engineered solution apart from the rest is our 28-day deployment. In just about a month you can go from start to finish delivering Infrastructure as-a-Service that supports both traditional and next generation applications. All of this will be managed through one single pane of glass. But you already knew that… so what is next?

Similar to how end users can deploy and edit virtual machines in a matter of minutes, we learned that customers also wanted to deploy complex applications just as quickly. Picture a multitier application with numerous dependencies. How long does that typically take you to deploy? Using our self-service portal deployments and adjustments are made on demand on an as needed basis. A long, usually error prone process has been trimmed down to mere minutes.

As time passes, change is inevitable and iterations need to be made. Who else knows the specifications and requirements better than the application owner? So let’s put the power in their hands. We’re taking the same simple process of deploying a virtual machine and applying it to something much more complicated. Users can adjust each tier’s storage SLA, CPUs and backup policies depending on what is needed for each tier of the app. Once again, the IT department never needs to get involved accelerating the process that much further.

hybrid cloud innovation

IT can build blueprints that show each piece of the application and what it’s made of. Those blueprints can be easily adjusted as the app’s requirements evolve. Rapid, repeatable changes can be made in just a few clicks, which automatically enforces consistency across applications in the entire environment. Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud eliminates that slow, manual, error prone provisioning process you remember. Now, less time can be spent fighting fires, and more time can be put into innovation and moving the business forwards. Code never has to be rewritten; nothing needs to be installed over again. You’re now free to innovate!

If you want to see how simple this really is, check out the video below and we’ll walk you though it. Or, to try it out for yourself, visit!


What Happened At The Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Booth At EMC World 2015?



There was never a dull moment at EMC World 2015, especially if you stopped by the Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud booth. If you didn’t have the chance to make it there – here is your recap!

If you think back to last year, EMC redefined expectations by deploying a hybrid cloud fast. Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 11.32.45 AM.pngAttendees were blown away when they watched our hybrid cloud get built from the ground up in just 48 hours. This year we took things a step further and demonstrated how quickly customers can leverage the solution to deploy complex applications and services.

Guests entered the booth eager to learn how the Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud would uphold its promise of delivering unparalleled business agility. EMC industry experts provided the answer to their questions in mere seconds through live demonstrations.  While perusing through the booth, these visitors were able to experience traditional and next generation application development right before their eyes.



If you didn’t attend the event, get a taste of it yourself here:




Attendees went from curious to in awe in a matter of minutes when they peered into the fishbowl. Here, our experts were taking complex application requests and developing them at a staggering pace.  EMC’s partnership with Puppet Labs expands upon VMware App Services by enabling IT organizations to create application deployment blueprints. Users can actually create their own step-by-step instructions resulting in rapid and repeatable deployments. This new level of automation allows for time efficiency and ensures consistency across environments. Imagine what your business could accomplish if you weren’t spending so much time putting out fires and focused on the tasks that really matter? Our staff turned that vision into a reality with a few simple clicks!

Speaking of results only being a few clicks away, booth visitors learned how to deliver Platform-as-a-Service using the power of Pivotal Cloud Foundry.  By automating infrastructure all the way up through runtime, developers can instantly deploy, scale and update hundreds of application instances. Now that your hybrid cloud is running consistently and seamlessly, IT staff can reallocate time away from tedious manual tasks and devote it to innovation. At the end of the day that is what agility is all about, right?

This all may sound sweet enough, but EMC didn’t want to stop there.  We also announced the latest version of our solution, the Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud 3.0.  Through listening to cloud customers, we identified security and data protection as major concerns when it comes to cloud computing, so we wanted to bring these day 2 operations closer to your core strategy.

And of course, we made it simple. Thanks to the recent acquisition of CloudLink, managing cloud encryption can be done seamlessly by users directly through the self-service portal –  ultimately providing centralized administration and tighter control over security. We’ve enhanced security via secure isolation and network micro-segmentation to deliver granular firewall protection at the application or VM level.

Data protection has also been worked into the self-service portal. Users can monitor the status of the back up, perform on-demand backup and restores, and create new policies that will actually follow the VM’s they are associated with across multi-site configurations.

So while were at it, why not make managing your VSPEX Blue appliances into the self-service portal, too? To bring configuration and deployment simplicity to the next level, admins are given the ability to manage remote office end points from the same portal.

For developers looking to integrate big data into their next applications, there is uniform way to execute here, as well. Big Data-as-a-Service is delivered through Hadoop in only minutes. You might say the Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud can deliver Anything-as-a-Service at this point!



As demonstrated at EMC World 215, the EMC Federation has its thumb on the pulse of IT transformations. Businesses should be focusing on developing the applications they need to advance, not configuring the infrastructure. We’re taking care of that aspect of the journey for you by delivering the answer right out of the box. The Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud 3.0 was designed to give customers a jump-start on achieving results they’re looking for. We’ve written the recipe for success, you just need to say GO!


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